When Should You Seek Chiropractic Treatment?

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Many people seek out chiropractic treatment after some type of injury, resulting in pain. Perhaps for neck or back pain after a sports injury or a motor vehicle accident. But there are many reasons to seek treatment before the pain sets in.


By the time you are in pain, your body is damaged and it may be harder to fix the problem. Instead, trying working chiropractic care into your normal wellness routine. Regular chiropractic care can help you remain flexible and active, and more importantly, can find and correct minor problems before they become major ones.


Chiropractic treatments can efficiently and effectively improve mobility, help keep your body healthy and strong, and allow you to live continuously free from pain. Often, poor spinal alignment is the cause of headaches, tingling or numbness, fatigue, tiredness, or even muscle weakness. It’s not just back pain that should send you to the chiropractor!


Our team of wellness doctors, Vasili Gatsinaris, DC, QME, James Kim, DC, Adam Abulghualya, DC, BS, ART and Caprice Leonard, MA, ATC specialize in chiropractic and wellness care. Our Irvine chiropractic office is located near John Wayne Airport, convenient for people living in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Santa Ana and other surrounding Orange County communities.


Let our Orange County chiropractic team make a plan to treat your injury so that you are not restricted from your active lifestyle. To learn more about our variety of services or to schedule an appointment, take advantage of our new patient special and contact us or call 949-263-9003 today.



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