What to do when you experience some soreness in your back

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Experiencing some soreness in your back as your sitting here reading this? Wondering what you did to cause your back to feel this way? Of course, it can be pretty common to experience back pain from your everyday routine. Here at Next Level Wellness Center, we advise our patients on the best practices to avoid back pain, recover from injury and lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are common causes of back pain and how you can fix them.


9 to 5 life

It would ideal if we could chose how and when we work. A 9 to 5 desk job in front of a computer might be your only option at the moment. However, there are ways to keep your spine healthy. Sitting all day can be damaging, straining your back for long periods of time at once. Be aware of the importance of sitting with proper posture every day.Be proactive. Try to adjust your posture before something goes wrong. If you practice sitting with good posture, you can avoid much of the stress you are putting on your neck and back. We also recommend setting an alarm that will remind you to get up, stretch and move your legs a bit. Even if it’s a lap around the office, you’ll benefit from the brief activity. Movement is a big factor when it comes to spinal health, and remaining sedentary could be detrimental to your health.


Not Strengthening Your Core

Ignoring your core plays a huge part in back problems. Your core strength is crucial to stabilizing your back. Everything you do is the result of our core controlling the flow of our bodies. When your core is weak, even the slightest movement can be dangerous to your spine. Focus on exercises such as lunges or planks to improve the strength of your core, as these exercises target many muscle groups that support the spine.


Stress Induced Suffering

Just like physical stress, emotional stress can affect your back. Cortisol, the primary stress hormone that is triggered by stress, can cause back pain and the tensing of shoulder muscles. Mood elevators such as deep breathing, exercise and meditation can help ease stress and help you feel better. In many cases, if you can relax your mind, your body will then also relax.


At Next Level Wellness Center, we create a personalized recovery plan for our patients that is perfect for people who are experiencing daily pain in the back, neck, shoulder, wrist, or suffering from common syndromes such as carpal tunnel. Our experienced chiropractors can also help treat pain caused by poor posture at work or corrective exercises and treatment to restore and maintain proper posture for computer work and overall posture.


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