What To Do When Old Injuries Resurface

Regardless if you are male or female, the chances are pretty good that you aren’t nearly as active as you used to be.


We like to think we could get right back into a physical routine, but our body remembers those old injuries a lot better than we do! So when you push it a little too hard, you may aggravate those injuries.


Unsuspecting Causes

I know you won’t want to believe this, but you can actually suffer a flare up of one of those injuries just by sitting around! It can strike in the middle of your workday whether you sit at a desk all day or you spend most of your time on your feet.


Over time, your tissues holding your bones in place and keeping them in line can weaken. And any misalignment can cause your bones to grind, wearing away cartilage and causing injuries like arthritis.


Preventative Measures

You may not like me for telling you this, but exercise is your friend! I’m not expecting you to run a marathon or do some crazy mud run at Camp Pendleton to get into shape. But a little bit of exercise can go a long way, my friend!


Stretching the stiffness and breaking down scar tissue that has built up over those old injuries is important to your overall health. Get moving just a little bit – that could be a walk around your office building on your lunch break or taking a walk after dinner and before bed.


Expanded Exercises

Yoga or aerobic exercises are a great way to push your fitness levels to new heights. You can’t drive more than a mile in Orange County without seeing a yoga studio, fitness center, or spin business. You may not tap into that old fit self of yours overnight, but you can recapture your endurance and cardio over time. The key is not to push it!


Light Treatment

At the end of the day, place a cold compress or heating blanket on the sore areas of your back, knees, ankles or neck. This will help soothe any lingering pain. Heat reduces muscle spasms and pain; cold helps reduce swelling and can temporarily numb the deep-rooted pain.


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