The Secret Culprit Of Your Back Pain

This may surprise you, but most of our patients do not know the source of their back pain. When they walk into our Irvine chiropractic offices, the sometimes guess at the root of their problems. They often attribute their chronic aches and lower back troubles to:

  • Their sleeping habits
  • The way they sit at the office
  • Their lengthy commute
  • The rigors of their jobs
  • Overexertion in their favorite exercise


While all of these are surely candidates, we often find the real culprit can be something altogether. In our initial assessments, our team asks a lot of questions to pinpoint the source of your pain.   Here is the question we ask that raises a lot of eyebrows, “Are you dealing with a large amount of stress?”


Were you aware that stress could be a primary cause of back pain? Whether it’s financial worries, extended work hours or days, or even family troubles the stress can mount and seize not only our minds and hearts but our bodies too!


Look at it this way; have you ever come home from work and noticed tightness in your neck and shoulders? Chances are it wasn’t because you were lifting heavy things or exerting physical strain. That is just stress manifesting in your vulnerable body.


It’s very common for people to hold tension in their muscles, resulting in a tightness that can be unbearable at times. During this tension, our muscles can constrict our blood vessels, restricting blood flow. When this happens, our bodies send a signal to our brains that something is wrong.


Eliminating the pain begins with eliminating the stress, or managing the stress better. A great reliever of stress is exercise. However, I don’t recommend anyone who is suffering from any pain to begin an exercise routine without guidance.


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