Andre Ethier, from the LA Dodgers


“James, thanks for the hard work and fun times.”

Devean George, from the Lakers



“Dr. Vas, the treatment helped me improve…it has dramatically increased the improvement.”

Patty, Patient from Irvine, CA


“I came to Dr. Gatsinaris with limited mobility and moderate to severe pain in my back. After one session, there was a noticeable improvement and after the second session, I felt great.  I am more able to participate in activities that have been off limits to me for many years.  ART helped me tremendously.  Thank you Dr. Gatsinaris, you have magic in your hands.”

Corie Blount, Former Lakers Player



“Dr. Vas, Thank you for all your help and for taking care of me.  The treatments all helped me tremendously!”

Steve Hochman, President of Next Level Fitness



“I am truly sold on ART and Fenzian!  I can’t believe how effective and great these treatments are.  As a top personal trainer and former collegiate athlete, I need to always be at my peak performance. I send all my injured clients to Dr. Gatsinaris, DeWitt and Kim because I know they can fix them. If you’re not getting treated with ART, then you’re not getting better.”

Chad Billingsley, Dodgers Pitcher



“James, Thanks for all the help.”

Shavlik Randolph, from the Miami Heat



“Dr. Vas, The treatment is awesome!  Everytime we come to LA to play you guys, I look forward to getting the top quality treatments that you give.  I feel so much better and I know I am in good hands.”

Adam Parada, from the Lakers



“I came to Next Level Wellness for the first time a few months ago with tendonitis in my achilles and with the help of the doctors, I was feeling 99% better within 4-5 visits. The gym environment was also motivating, especially with the help of Kevin Stoll.  I would call this place the one-stop shop for any professional athlete or average person looking to get in shape.”