How To Protect Your Back While Weightlifting

If one of your goals is to get ripped and increase overall strength, weightlifting can be very beneficial to add to your fitness routine. However, weightlifting can put you at a higher risk of injury, as it works your body differently than a cardio workout would. There are many large motions that can result in muscle strain or ligament damage if performed improperly. Enjoy an injury-free workout with these easy-to-follow tips.


Check Your Form

Before you add any weight, check your form first. Weightlifting can strain your back if your form is not correct. Lifts such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges require the proper form to keep your back safe. When you perform lifts using the right positioning and motion, you will work the targeted muscles and not put pressure elsewhere.

An easy way to check your form is by lifting in front of a mirror. You can’t sneeze in a gym without seeing one. Perform the movement and then adjust accordingly if you notice your form is off. Remember, improper technique can lead to injury, no matter how heavy the weight is.   Ensure you are using proper form, then add the weight!


Perform More Reps With Less Weight

Never try to lift more than you can handle. One way to avoid injury to your back is to perform more repetitions with a lighter weight. You will still get the benefits of lifting with a lighter weight because it is still working your muscles. Performing more reps will enhance the cardio portion of your workout, an added benefit.

The key here is only to move up in weight when you know you can handle it and are comfortable. Pick a weight that challenges you but make sure that it isn’t so heavy, that you begin to use improper form during the movement.

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