Planning A Road Trip With Your Health In Mind

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As your planning your summer vacation, we tend to forget the most important aspect of getting away. Staying healthy! I think it’s safe to say we’ve all experienced coming back from a vacation and feeling heavy, tired and unmotivated. The trick to avoiding this feeling is to keep your health and fitness in mind while you’re on vacation!


If you’re planning a road trip across country or just across the state, sitting in the car for hours can do a number to your body. Here are easy ways to stay healthy when you’re out on the open road this summer.



It’s no secret that society is spending way too many hours sitting and not getting up and getting active. Whether it’s at your desk at work all day or headed on a four-day road trip, our muscles need to move every few hours.

If you’re driving long distances this summer, stop every two hours or so for a quick bathroom break. Take a walk around the rest stop and incorporate some simple stretches to warm up and loosen your muscles. Just getting out of the car throughout your road trip will keep your health stable during your vacation. This is so easy, yet so critical in preventing back aches.


Pack Your Nutrients

How often do you go on a road trip and stop to get fast food? It happens to the best of us! A trick to beating this temptation is to pack your own healthy, perishable food for the trip. This way, you’ll be munching on healthy snacks throughout the road trip and won’t get hungry and stop at the first place you see!


Stay Hydrated

I tell my patients repeatedly to always stay hydrated. No matter what you’re doing, it’s so important for our health to drink water throughout the day. Your brain isn’t functioning properly when it’s dehydrated, which can be dangerous in driving conditions. If you’re worried about having to stop for too many bathroom breaks, see tip number 1!


Remember to Sleep

It’s important to remember to get your rest, even on the longest of road trips. It’s so easy to have your sights set on the destination and forget to get imperative rest to keep you alert while you drive. Whether it’s switching off with your carpool buddies or stopping at an inn on the side of the road, make sure to always put your well being first by getting rest!


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