If you are experiencing and can’t get rid of cellulite or loose skin on your legs, glutes, arms, waist, or stomach, then you should try endermologie treatments from Synergie Spa.

Provided by: Angela Page of Synergie Spa

Phone: (714) 654-6187



We help both women and men with…

  • problem areas of skin, smoothing of cellulite, and loose skin on the legs, glutes, arms, stomach, and love handles
  • reducing muscular aches and pains and speeding up recovery time between work outs
  • reducing stress through deeply relaxing and balancing treatments that leave you feeling refreshed, revived, and ready to take on your next challenge

Services Offered

  • Endermologie/Lipomassage (FDA approved)
  • Body Wraps
  • Far Infrared Sauna
  • Detox and Weight loss supplements
  • Aromatherapy Body products

New Patient Special

Free 30 minute far infrared sauna with the purchase of an 8 package treatment of Endermologie.


About Us

“This business was created out of my passion for health and fitness. After I turned 40 years old, I noticed a dramatic change in the appearance of my skin, particularly on the front of the thighs. Even rigorous dieting and exercise didn’t improve the problem.

“I found endermologie in the spring of 2011 and started seeing a difference after only 5 treatments. I was so inspired and wanting to help my current body wrap clientele achieve even better results, decided to add endermologie to my service menu. I am so thankful I found this treatment and look forward to educating people on this wonderful FDA approved technology.” -Angela Page

Angela Page has been a body wrap therapist since 2008 and LPG certified since 2011. LPG has conducted over 25 years of scientific research on the efficacy of endermologie for cellulite, muscular and joint pain, protocols before and after surgery, and sports injuries to help shorten recovery time.

She personally developed a highly effective protocol for body contouring and sculpting to get the best results within a short amount of time using a combination of endermologie, body wraps, infrared sauna, nutrition and supplementation.

She also recommends healthy lifestyle options such as meditation to reduce stress, exercise and healthy/organic eating in conjunction with my body contouring treatments. A synergistic combination of several modalities will not only help you achieve your fitness goals, but help you maintain those results for a lifetime.

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