Your Neck Pain’s Culprit is Your Cell Phone

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In this day and age, everyone is on his or her cell phone… a lot! Texting is so common it has replaced phone calls in many cases. If you are suffering from neck pain and aren’t sure of the cause – you may have the dreaded text neck.

Since your head weighs about a dozen pounds, looking down frequently can lead to lingering pain. The more severe of an angle you tilt your head down, the more pressure you put on your spine. Over time, this could contribute to poor posture.

But we’ve got the 4-1-1 to keep you free of text neck pain.


Raise your phone

Keeping your phone at eye level will help you to avoid tilting your head. This way, pressure is no longer put on your neck. It is much less strenuous to hold your phone up high than it is for your neck to constantly support the weight of your head.


Take a break

Have you ever caught yourself staring at your phone, waiting for a response? Stop it! Your phone will buzz when you get a message. Relieve the pressure on your neck by looking away. If you must watch for a response, try lying on your back to look at your phone. This way, your neck isn’t holding up your head as you wait.


Stretch it out

To increase the blood flow and relieve the tension in your neck, there are easy, simple neck stretches you can perform.

  • Move your chin downward toward the neck. Rest at the bottom for a moment and then raise your chin upward as far as you can.
  • Turn your head so that your chin is over one shoulder. Slowly rotate it towards the other shoulder. Repeat this a few times, moving your chin from shoulder to shoulder.
  • Hold your arms down to your sides. Rotate your shoulders in a clockwise direction. Move both shoulders clockwise for about ten rotations and then repeat going counterclockwise.

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