How To Take Care of Your Body During Holiday Travels

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‘Tis the season for holiday traveling! While it’s a busy time of the year and people are always on-the-go, it’s also, ironically, a time of the year that involves your body being stationary for long periods of time. When you’re on a plane or waiting for one, you’ll want to make sure that your body gets plenty of movement. Try doing a few of these stretches and exercises during your travels:





Waiting for your plane can take anywhere from minutes to hours which means there is always time to get your blood flowing. One of the easiest things you can do is stand instead of sit. When we’re standing, we’re actually using our muscles to keep ourselves up. Focus on tightening your abs and standing up straight with your shoulders back. If you’re carrying luggage, be sure to keep both shoulders even and your head up. Then, do a few curls using your bag as the weight. You can also use the airport’s chairs and benches to work your arms and abs by doing angled push-ups.


To stretch your body, sit down and stretch out your legs. Reach for your toes, straighten your back, and lift your head towards the ceiling. If you want to deepen the stretch, flex your toes and grab the balls of your feet. This movement will help loosen your legs, encourage blood flow, and get your body prepared for being on the plane.



On The Plane


You may think your only option is to be crammed and motionless in your seat, but my Next Level Wellness team is here to tell you that you have an alternative.   Inhale and raise your arms straight up. Then clasp your hands together and exhale while you bend a little to each side. Pull your navel into your spine and hold for a few moments.


To stretch your legs, cross one foot onto your knee and lightly push down to stretch the hip. This will create a huge difference in how you feel when you’re finally able to stand at the end of the flight.





When you’re off the plane, take a few moments to rejuvenate your body. Stand with your feet hip distance apart and bend down to touch your toes. To simultaneously stretch your shoulders and arms, take your arms back and interlock your fingers.


If you want to get your heart pumping again, do a few of the pre-flight exercises along with a quick set of squats which will help warm up your back, legs, and abs for carrying your luggage through the airport.


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