How To Soothe and Heal A Shoulder Injury

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Your daily routine may not seem strenuous, but even someone who doesn’t perform labor-intensive tasks can injure their shoulder. Believe it or not, even the smallest wrong movement can render us with a torn muscle or ligament. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, our Next Level Wellness Irvine Chiropractic team wants you to know that we’re here to support, help, and heal you. Keep these three techniques in mind if you sustain a shoulder injury:



Ice, Rest, Support…Repeat


When you sustain an injury, the hurt area will immediately become swollen which causes excess strain and pressure in your muscles and tendons. By icing your injury, you’ll help reduce the inflammation and pain. During the first 48 hours after you’ve been injured, avoid any activities that increase swelling such as hot showers or hot packs. As you ice your shoulder, remember to rest and keep your arm supported. When possible, elevate your arm at or above the level of your heart. This will help minimize the swelling, and there won’t be as much pressure on your arm.



Fascial Integrative Treatment


Fascial Integrative Treatment, or F.I.T., is an innovative and advanced soft-tissue system that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, and joints. It is a manual, hands-on therapy that corrects the dysfunctions that these soft-tissues can undergo.


By using F.I.T., our chiropractors will be able to re-instate normal tissue flexibility and restore balance and stability to the injured area. We can also assess and correct problems in other areas of the kinetic chain, which are often contributing factors to the problem. All of the areas of soft tissue that have become dysfunctional and are contributing to the specific injury are addressed, even if they have not yet developed pain.



Massage Therapy


At Next Level Wellness, our chiropractors work with you to decide what type of massage will benefit you the most. Not only do massages relieve pain, increase flexibility and mobility, and reduce the chances of a reoccurring injury, but they also aid in speeding up recovery.


Our chiropractic team of wellness doctors, Vasili Gatsinaris, DC, QME, James Kim, DC, Adam Abulghualya, DC, BS, ART and Caprice Leonard, MA, ATC specialize in chiropractic and wellness care, especially for workplace injuries. Our Irvine chiropractic office is located near John Wayne Airport, convenient for people living in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Santa Ana and other surrounding Orange County communities.


Let our Orange County chiropractic team make a plan and treat your injury so that you are not restricted from your active lifestyle. To learn more about our variety of services or to schedule an appointment, take advantage of our Facebook new patient special and contact us or call 949-263-9003 today.


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