How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy

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Sleepless nights are unfortunately not reserved for after you’ve given birth. During pregnancy, your hormones are constantly fluctuating and you can experience all kinds of disturbances throughout the night. Whether it’s nausea, leg pain, or heartburn, you don’t have to live with discomfort. Here’s how to combat it.



The foods that you put into your body are just as important as the foods that you don’t. Cutting down on eating and drinking highly caffeinated products, especially later in the day, will help your body wind down easier at night. Also, try to avoid eating large meals before bed and stay away from spicy foods; both can cause indigestion and heartburn.



Worries and anxiety can often start to creep in and disrupt your sleep, but allow yourself time to decompress and stay calm. Your body is going through so much at this beautiful stage of your life. For a deep relaxation, consider one of our massage therapy sessions,  specifically meant for women during pregnancy. Our sessions are designed to be both therapeutic and restful; enhancing regular muscle function, alleviating pain and soreness, and promoting well-being.



Even the lightest exercise during the day can help you sleep at night. Whether you’re swimming, walking, or doing yoga, exerting energy at least three hours before bed can work wonders for your sleep cycle. With the added bonus of producing endorphins, exercising will make your body ready to sleep and recover.


Finding Comfort With Your Growing Baby Bump

Sleeping can become more and more difficult as your baby bump grows. While everyone’s comfort level differs, laying on your left side increases the blood and nutrients that are going to your baby. For added comfort, rest a pillow between your legs to allow your spine to align and alleviate any pressure.


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