How To Avoid Back Pain While Lifting Weights

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Weight lifting can be a beneficial exercise for gaining muscle and increasing overall strength. However, weightlifting is a risky exercise when it comes to the potential for injury. Many lifting motions can result in muscle strain or ligament injury if not performed properly.


Check Your Form

It’s no secret that weight lifting can put strain on your back. If you perform certain weight lifting exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges, your form is key. Using proper form helps you ensure that you are working the desired muscles, and keeps you from putting additional strain on your back. To check your form, ask a trainer or gym attendant if what you’re doing is correct. It is important to be educated on the big lifts you are performing and know what proper form looks and feels like.

It’s also helpful to lift In front of a mirror to see if you are performing the correct movements and adjust accordingly.


Less Weight, More Reps

Another way to avoid back injury when weight lifting is to use less weight and perform more repetitions. Don’t worry; you’ll still get the benefits of lifting. More reps will also enhance the cardio aspect of your workout, so it’s a win-win. Only move up in weight when you are comfortable and certain that you are able to maintain the correct form throughout the exercise. Remember, the weight just needs to be heavy enough to challenge you and cause muscle growth. Avoid a weight that causes you to lose proper form when lifting.


Try Weight Machines

Weight training machines are easy to use and are still effective at targeting specific muscles. They often are built to keep your form in check and are adjustable for your height and strength. Weight machines are also useful when you’re recovering from an injury. Machines isolate a particular muscle group, so you can still rest an injured muscle.


If you do suffer from an injury due to weight lifting, chiropractic care can help. We use joint and soft tissue manipulation to get your body back into alignment and functioning optimally. We can help improve your range of motion, alleviate pain, and prevent future damage or wear.


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