How To Avoid Back Pain As An Active Adult

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It is important to stay active throughout your life. As an adult you might have a long-standing passion for activities like running, weightlifting or cycling. But as we age, the exercises we love can take a toll on our bodies. Here’s how to prevent pain and maintain your active lifestyle.


Pain-Free Running


If you’re a runner, there is a high level of stress being placed on your back. It’s important to warm-up before every run, and stretch your hamstrings at least twice a day to minimize stress on your lower back. Cross training is also helpful, as it allows you participate in different exercise activities to avoid overuse of one group of muscles. Lastly, make sure you are wearing comfortable, supportive shoes and replace them every 450-550 miles.


Pain-Free Weightlifting


Weightlifting can also put strain on your back. If you perform certain exercises like squats, deadlifts, and lunges, your form is key. Using proper form ensures that you work the desired muscles and keeps you from putting strain on your back. Another way to avoid back injury when weightlifting is to use less weight and perform more repetitions. Or, try a weight training machine. These machines are designed to keep your form in check, and they’re still effective at targeting specific muscles.


Pain-Free Cycling


Before you ride, there are crucial checks to go through to make sure you aren’t harming your spine while cycling. First, make sure that your bike fits you properly. If you go to a cycling class where the bikes are provided, check with your instructor to confirm you’re in the proper position. Setting the handlebars too low can limit your range of motion and cause an imbalance in your body. If your knees move out away from your body, your hips tilt, or your body sways to one side, your spine will be forced to compensate for these harmful movements.


Regardless of your primary exercise of choice, it is important to remember that maintaining a strong core is always important. Your core is the major stabilizing center of your body. Core strength and stability increase back strength, and together they protect the spine from injury during various movements. Try incorporating a core exercise routine into your daily workout.


Taking care of your lower back helps your entire body function properly. A quick trip to the chiropractor can make the biggest difference! Take a step towards a healthier, active lifestyle and schedule a consultation today. Our team of doctors wants to help you live pain-free, without the use of medication.


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