Fascial Distortion: What is It and How is It Treated?

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Next Level Wellness Center in Irvine is always staying on track with the latest cutting edge treatments that will help you get quality chiropractic care you need. The Fascial Distortion Model is just one of the new techniques Dr. Vas and the chiropractors of Next Level Wellness Center have adopted.

Fascia is crucial to the support and function of our bodies as it surrounds and attaches to all structures. Healthy fascia is relaxed and is able to move and stretch without restriction. Fascia loses its flexibility when a person experiences trauma, scarring or inflammation. This can cause it to become a source of tension and distortions are then caused. The following are some of the most common facial distortions:



These are bands of twisted fibers. Think of these as a seam that is now torn or twisted. Triggerbands are often found in patients that have had a sprain or strain reoccurring at the same place.

Continuum Distortions

These distortions occur when the bone has lost its ability to respond to external forces. Continuum distortions occur between the ligaments, tendon or tissue and the bone at attachment sites. If left untreated, bone spurs occur.

Cylinder Distortions

Cylinder distortions can be hard for the patient to locate as they occur when layers of fascia become distorted from a twisting force. They are often present after surgeries.

Herniated Trigger points 

These occur when tissues from underneath the fascia layer break through their surrounding. Pain is then caused as the distortion bulges adjacent to the plane of the fascia. 

Folding Distortions

Folding distortions are the result of fascia around a joint becoming distorted. Typically they are a result of traction or compression-like forces. The fascia loses its ability to protect itself against these forces when a folding distortion injury occurs.

Tectonic Fixations

According to the Fascial Distortion Model, tectonic fixations are a “physiological alteration where the fascial surfaces have lost their ability to glide.” This often occurs in one of your joints and results in loss of range of motion.


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