How to Prevent Back Pain at Work

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So many of us with office jobs spend a significant portion of our workdays sitting in front of a computer screen, working on a tablet or smart device, typing on our keyboards, and talking on our phones. Due to the nature of our jobs, it’s no wonder that many of us end our workdays with back and neck pain. Next Level Wellness, an Irvine Chiropractic, team has some simple fixes that can help alleviate some of that 9-to-5 discomfort.



Office Ergonomics


Many workplaces offer an ergonomic evaluation of their employees’ work areas – just ask your manager, or your HR department, if this is an option. An ergonomics expert can evaluate factors as simple as the height of your computer monitor to take the strain off of your neck. A vast majority of people sit with their computer monitors too low, which results in looking down at the screen. An easy adjustment in height can ensure that your head and neck are kept in a more neutral and spine-friendly position while sitting at your computer. Ergonomics experts can also help adjust the position and type of keyboard you use to make typing more easy on your joints or recommend a standing desk if needed.




Do you find yourself slouching at your desk, especially as the day goes on and muscles begin to experience fatigue? Poor posture can have a negative affect on spinal alignment, which in turn contributes to pain and stress on the back and neck. Maintaining good posture is important, even when seated at a desk. If you are unable to obtain a desk chair with built-in support, consider getting a cushion with lumbar support that you can use while seated. The use of an angled footrest underneath your desk can also help align your back and neck by ensuring your feet are positioned flatly, preventing you from slumping forward.


Get up and move!


This may seem like a no-brainer, but often our days become so busy and chaotic that we can forget to simply stand up and walk around. Take a few minutes to get away from your desk, take a walk, and stretch. Try setting an alarm on your phone or computer to remind yourself when it’s time to take a break – make your back and neck health a part of your daily work schedule.


By trying simple solutions such as these, your office job doesn’t have to be a “pain in the neck”!


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