How To Avoid Back Pain If You’re A Runner

Many people find that lower back pain can intensify when running. When you run, you apply repeated stress and impact to your joints. This damage is long lasting on your joints, as it occurs the whole time you are running. But you can take preventative measures to reduce pain.


Warm Up and Stretch

As we said, runners often feel the constant impact on their joints. This especially affects your lower back. It is important to make sure you warm-up before your run. Go for a light jog that just for a few minutes to get your muscles moving. After that light run, perform dynamic stretches. Be sure to focus on stretching your hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. Lastly, don’t forget to stretch your arms and shoulders, as you move those when you run too.


Implement Cross-Training

Cross training is helpful for runners as it prevents overuse of your leg muscles by performing a variety of other exercises that target other muscle groups. To implement cross-training into your running routine, try to participate in exercises that will give your full body a workout. Try weightlifting a few times a week or switch out running with biking at least once a week. This will allow your body to strengthen different muscle groups.


Renew Your Shoes

Lastly, make sure you are wearing supportive shoes and replace them when they are no longer supportive or comfortable. Shoes that don’t provide you with proper support can further heighten the pain placed on your joints, specifically your knees and lower back. Make sure to purchase shoes with enough support and laces you can adjust to your liking. It is also important to remember that shoe inserts can provide extra, necessary support.

It is critical to see a chiropractic specialist for lower back pain treatment if your back pain does not go away or lessen in severity. Chiropractic consultation will determine the source of pain and extent of the damage. At Next Level Wellness Center, we will create a personalized recovery plan using a combination of therapies and treatments.


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