Are Your Shoes Causing Your Back Pain?

Our feet play an intricate role in the health and wellness of our bodies. This is the case not only when we walk or run but when we sit too!


How often have you considered wellness over fashion when it comes to footwear?

While many of us like to suffer for our style, we often overlook the long-term issues for the short-term appearance.


When working to improve your health and posture, it is very important to put your best foot forward!


Your feet serve as the foundation on which the rest of your body depends. The bones, joints, and muscles in your feet must work together to handle the impact of your daily steps.


Quick – how many steps does your Fitbit say? Aim for 10,000 a day!


OK… back to the pain. Many aches and pains that you experience in your knees, hips, back and even your neck can typically be connected to your feet. This isn’t limited to runners and joggers!


Ladies, do you wear high heels? That can contribute to extra stress and strain on the lower back, as well as knock your entire system out of alignment. Guys, do you spend summer in flip-flops? That the lack of support can lead to arch pain, heel pain, or worse – leg and knee pain!


Our chiropractic team of wellness doctors, Vasili Gatsinaris, James Kim, and Adam Abulghualya specialize in chiropractic and wellness care. Our Irvine chiropractic office is located near John Wayne Airport, convenient for people living in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Santa Ana and other surrounding Orange County communities.


It may be the right time to come see us. We might recommend orthotics or sole supports if we believe your feet are contributing to pain elsewhere in the body.


If your job allows, put on those Nikes or Adidas and provide your feet with the proper support a running shoe provides. We can’t always wear comfortable shoes, so insoles may be a temporary solution.


Let our Orange County chiropractic team make a plan and treat your injury so that you are not restricted from your active lifestyle. To learn more about our variety of services or to schedule an appointment, take advantage of our Facebook new patient special and contact us or call  949-263-9003 today.


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