Airplane Back Pain? Here Are 6 Ways to Prevent It

You’re looking forward to your summer vacation, but maybe not to the plane flight to get there. Spending hours cramped in tight airline seats can be hard on your body, and getting to your destination is stressful enough without the added back pain. Follow these tips to arrive at your destination ready to hit the ground running.


Request an Aisle Seat

Some airlines let you request your seat on the plane; others don’t have any assigned seating. If possible, grab the aisle seat. The extra space will give you some room to stretch out so you don’t put extra stress on your back.


Support Your Back

Bring a back roll or ask the flight attendant for some extra pillows. Placing these behind your back while flying will give you some added support. This prevents you from slouching and helps keep your back straight for the long hours you are sitting.


Move Around

When the pilot turns the seat belt sign off, take advantage of the opportunity to get up and move around as much as you can. You aren’t always allowed to stand during the flight, but whenever possible try to walk up and down the aisle to give your back a rest.


Schedule Smart

Have some flexibility with your schedule? Book a flight during the least popular time so you have as much room as possible during the flight. If you can manage to have an empty seat next to you, it gives you more room to stretch and spread out.


Leave Some Foot Room

Board the plane as early as you can and find a spot for your luggage in the overhead compartment. Lifting heavy objects can put unnecessary stress on your back, so ask for help if your luggage is heavy. Having space in front of you to stretch out your legs is important for long flights to prevent back pain.



Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the flight. This is especially important if you have previously experienced back pain. The low pressure and humidity on the plane could cause more issues if you are dehydrated.


Don’t let back pain ruin your trip! Follow these tips to travel pain-free. However, if you do experience back pain, make sure to schedule a chiropractic appointment when you return from vacation. We can help correct any kinks and restore your spine to proper alignment.


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