3 Ways To Give Thanks To Your Body

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Taking care of your body should always be a top priority so that it can remain healthy and serve you well in the years ahead. This Thanksgiving, show your body thanks by giving it a little extra TLC.



At-Home Spa


One of the best ways to keep your muscles relaxed is by taking an Epsom salt bath. The warm water mixed with the salt can help relieve pain, muscle cramps, inflammation, and headaches. Salt baths also provide a source of magnesium. When it absorbs into your skin, it helps hydrate you and speeds up healing. To relax your mind, place a few incents or candles around your bathroom. This type of aromatherapy can reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost your energy levels, reduce pain, and even increase your immune system. All of these things can greatly impact our bodies without even realizing it; internally and externally. By keeping yourself calm and paying attention to how your body feels, you’ll be able to notice a significant difference in your mind and body.




Healing Stretches


Whether you work at a desk or have a labor-intensive position, stretching your body will help heal and prevent injuries. Hamstring stretches will help keep your legs limber to prevent tearing your muscles while you’re walking, maneuvering, or lifting objects. The simplest way to do a hamstring stretch is by sitting down with your legs apart so that they create a ‘V’ shape. Then, lean over your leg to try and reach your toes and hold for about 15 seconds. Alternate from leg to leg for multiple reps. Shoulder stretches are also very important to do since shoulders are one of the most common injured areas in a workplace. To stretch your shoulders, simply press your arm while pulling your opposite elbow towards your opposite shoulder.



Massage Therapy


At Next Level Wellness, our chiropractors work with you to decide what type of massage will benefit you the most. Not only do massages relieve pain, increase flexibility and mobility, and reduce the chances of a reoccurring injury, but they also aid in speeding up recovery.


Our chiropractic team of wellness doctors, Vasili Gatsinaris, DC, QME, James Kim, DC, Adam Abulghualya, DC, BS, ART and Caprice Leonard, MA, ATC specialize in chiropractic and wellness care, especially for workplace injuries. Our Irvine chiropractic office is located near John Wayne Airport, convenient for people living in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Santa Ana and other surrounding Orange County communities.


Let our Orange County chiropractic team make a plan and treat your injury so that you are not restricted from your active lifestyle. To learn more about our variety of services or to schedule an appointment, take advantage of our Facebook new patient special and contact us or call 949-263-9003 today.


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