3 Tips to Alleviate Road Trip Back Pain

It’s extremely common for patients to come into Next Level Wellness Center Irvine with back pain from a long road trip they recently went on. While a chiropractic appointment is a great way to alleviate the pain, there are certain things passengers and drivers can do during a trip to make their travels less painful.


Get in the Proper Position Right Away

With the excitement of a trip, people often hop in the car with no regard for their posture. However, first getting situated makes a huge difference compared to adjusting for discomfort later on. Make sure your wallet or cell phone is out of your back pocket. Sit so that you are up straight, with your knees just higher than your hips.

When sitting up straight, I remind my patients to do one crucial thing: pull your chin in so that your head is aligned with your spine. This will keep your neck, and ultimate your shoulders from slumping forward. Keep your back aligned with the back of the seat, you may have to add additional car cushions if your seat does not provide adequate support.


Stop & Walk Around

My fellow chiropractors and I understand that when you’re on a trip headed somewhere, the last thing you want to do is stop. What if I told you that sitting in the car in one position will make your back muscles stiffen up which leads to achiness?

If you have a three-hour car ride, try to stop every 30-45 minutes for just five minutes to stimulate blood circulation and bring nutrients and oxygen to your compressed lower back. Plan your stops accordingly and plan ahead from the few stops you’ll make. Believe me, we don’t want you to be late either!


Don’t Forget About Your Feet

Support of your spine begins with your feet. They should be rested on a firm surface so that your knees bend to a right angle. If your seat is too high, try to find something that your feet can reach to place under them. If you are the driver and are able to use cruise control, you may want to use it in order to have both feet on the ground for certain periods of time.

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