3 Pieces of Workout Equipment To Help Prevent Injuries

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Throughout your life, you’ll encounter many moments that put strain on various muscles in your body. These minor strains can build up and eventually lead to serious injuries. Part of preventing these injuries is taking care of your muscles each day. Here are three unique pieces of workout equipment that can help take care of your body:



Resistance Band


One of the best things about resistance bands is that you can adjust it according to your fitness level. This way, you can have a piece of equipment that can grow with you throughout your workout journey. Resistance band training is low-impact, easy on the joints, and can be used to work out your entire body. Whether you want to strengthen your back or your arms, you’ll be able to build and prep all of your muscles. If you’re traveling for the holidays, or travel on a regular basis, our Next Level Wellness team recommends taking a resistance band along for the ride. You can use it while you’re waiting for a plane, sitting at a bus stop, or riding in a taxi. It’s a great way to keep your blood flowing and



Foam Roller


Foam rolling not only helps heal your muscles faster, but it can also help prevent injuries. Similar to our Fascial Integrative Technique, foam rollers put targeted pressure on your fascia which breaks up scar tissue and can re-instate mobility and flexibility. This method keeps your muscles loosened up and helps them maintain their range of motion. This way, your body is more prepared for all types of motions – from small, everyday actions to large, cumbersome workloads. However, you’ll want to be careful that you’re foam rolling properly. If misused, you can create an injury or further an injury.



Medicine Ball


Medicine balls help you build explosive strength, which aids in allowing you to perform better in sports, heavy lifting, or daily tasks. Explosive strength is the ability to exert maximum force over a short period of time. You can build up your explosive strength in your legs and upper body – both of which are the main places that sustain the most injuries. By using a medicine ball to work on your muscle tone, you’ll also be working on your balance and improving your hand-eye coordination.


Strength is only one part of the equation for prepping your body for movement. By utilizing all of these different pieces of exercise equipment, you’ll be able to strengthen your muscles AND take care of the underlying fascia to prevent future injuries.


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